Changing the world, bit by bit.

Master of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) at the University of Chicago

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The M.S. in Computational Analysis & Public Policy (MSCAPP) is a rigorous, two-year program offered jointly by the Harris School of Public Policy and the Department of Computer Science at The University of Chicago.

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Alden Golab (MSCAPP '17)

What I found compelling about CAPP was that it was taking all of the things that I was interested in and then applying them to things that actually matter, that are really important for people’s everyday lives, in a way that would prepare me for a career of making decisions and helping make things happen. This program can’t be found anywhere else.

Charmaine Runes (MSCAPP '21)

It is okay to feel like you don't know what you’re doing and still feel confident in your ability to figure it out. Failing is part of the learning process. The MSCAPP program provided me with a healthy atmosphere in which to explore, learn, create, and, ultimately, succeed.

Matthew Ryan (MSCAPP '24)

While in the Army, I learned to always think about how intentions and outcomes affect team members, and the way the MSCAPP program approaches the ethical aspects of technology and data in the service of public policy feels like a natural extension of that way of thinking.

Damini Sharma (MSCAPP '20)

Working with data, it’s very easy to start to treat people who are probably going through some of the worst times of their lives as data points. I think when possible it’s really important to get out there and confront the reality of what’s behind your computer screen.

Onel Abreu (MSCAPP '22)

I have gotten so much support—my academic advisor reached out almost right away, and teachers worked with me to make the material more accessible. The promise Harris made that I didn’t need a quantitative background to succeed was right.

Changing the world, bit by bit.