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Student and Alumni Profiles

M. Merritt Smith (MSCAPP '22)

I got to thinking about how I could best benefit others. I then recognized the questions I had are best answered using data, data analysis, and a computational toolkit.

Caroline Kinnen (MSCAPP '22)

I’m still just skimming the surface of what’s possible in terms of machine learning, Python, and big data, and I’m excited to be part of a program where I can apply what I’m learning right away.

Jacob Leppek (MSCAPP '21)

The program’s unique blend of computer science and public policy ties all my interests together by allowing me to test hypotheses and gain hard skills while also challenging assumptions and making sure we are not only doing things effectively, but also for the right reasons.

Hana Passen (MSCAPP '21)

Ultimately, I want to actually work with people and design policy to meet people’s needs.

Domingo Carbone (MSCAPP '22)

I don't know how many people don't apply because they fear they might not have the background, but I say, ‘Go for it.’ The university can see in your background the value there is to be gained.

Kelsey Anderson (MSCAPP '21)

The bent of the MSCAPP program is teaching people to use computing and data skills with the purpose of making social impact. There weren't many programs that focus on data science for the public good, and I really fell in love with the way faculty and staff support students, the way the curriculum is structured, and the interdisciplinary approach.

Richard Chang (MSCAPP '21)

At Harris, we are learning how computer science principles and tools can be applied directly to public policy issues from day one, and the pace at which we’re learning has outstripped any expectations I had coming in.

Cristina MacGregor-Vanegas (MSCAPP '19)

Many programs designed to help the vulnerable have good intentions, but sometimes have other outcomes. This effort to help people through rigorous, data-centric methods in the social sciences can help to discern what is working from what is not working.

Peter Li (MSCAPP '20)

I was looking for a graduate degree that would give me the best tools possible to apply data science to public policy... I realized that Harris’s MSCAPP program offered me an unparalleled opportunity to combine my economics studies with training on policy research and analysis, especially from the perspective of quantitative methodologies.

Emma Nechamkin (MSCAPP '19)

Harris was the only place as quantitatively intense as what I experienced in undergrad. That’s what I wanted more of in my future. The facilities are so empowering and the policy background unparalleled.

Ibrahim Gabr (MSCAPP '18)

In the world of technology, people can do pretty much anything, but that doesn’t always mean that they should. The MSCAPP program structure helps you weigh the ethical implications of projects related to AI and machine learning.

Mitsue Iwata (MSCAPP '16)

The world of data analytics in the public sector is still defining itself. It’s a developing field with a lot of real opportunities for people at the intersection of public policy and computational analysis to make an impact. That makes it an exciting field to be a part of.

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